Devil's Gate Pass

Swauger Canyon/Devil's Gate Pass is located approximately 10 miles north of
Bridgeport on Highway 395. Lieutenant John Charles Frémont's second Topographical
Expedition left Missouri in June of 1843, and, mapping the Oregon Trail, had
traveled to Fort Vancouver. Intending to return to Missouri through the Southwest,
he then turned South through Oregon and Western Nevada. By January, 1844, the
expedition was comprised of thirty men (including Christopher "Kit" Carson, and
Thomas "Broken Hand" Fitzpatrick), sixty-seven horses and mules, and a brass
mountain howitzer. Being low on provisions, Frémont made the decision to cross
the Sierra Nevada to Sutter's Fort. It was mid-winter, and the mountains were
covered with snow. The Indians they met told them it would be impossible to
cross--"Rock upon rock; snow upon snow." Fremont continued through this pass
and lost his cannon somewhere in this area. The Nevada State Museum in Carson
City believes that they have Fremont's cannon today. It was found by two miners
back in 1859. But if you see an old '12 pounder' out there... who knows?

For an interesting look on Fremont's trip over Devil's Gate Pass, visit:
Fremont's Long Camp

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